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One person alone can easily load and unload a full-size motorcycle on to the XL-112.

 3500 lb Axle With
Sure-Lube® Bearings

 XL-112 features an adjustable front V-Stop for even distribution of tongue weight as well as high pressure radial tires for a smooth ride.
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The Stinger Can-Am Combo easily hauls your Can-Am or a full-size motorcycle.

Have a full-size trailer with minimum storage space.

The Stinger Can-Am Combo effortlessly hauls a Can-Am or a full-size motorcycle. With 114.5” of usable bed length and a 66 ¾“ wide tailgate, you have plenty of space to load your motorcycle of choice.
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A full 73 inches of loading space between the fenders, ample room to load two full size bikes.

Stinger Twin Cruiser has double the motorcycle towing capacity.

The pneumatic features of the 12“ rim with radial tires, and the suspension of the motorcycle itself provide a safe, smooth ride with one or two bikes.
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Powder coated for a long lasting finish.

Folds up for easy storage and maneuvering.

Stinger Can-Am Spyder
can be stored in an upright position leaving a small storage footprint.
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Powder coated for a long lasting finish.

Folds up, then stands up for extra compact storage.

Stinger for Trike has the towing capacity you need to haul your Trike without using all your storage space. The upright position makes maneuvering a breeze. With 72.5” of pass through space between fenders,
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Stinger Trailers
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